Corporate Quiz Nights

Corporate Quiz Nights

How many months of the year have 30 days?

Big Screen TriviaOur InnQUIZitive corporate quiz nights offer your company the opportunity to bring either staff or blue-chip clients together for an evening of serious hilarity.

We have three different styles of quiz packages, depending on your budget, from the original English pub quiz format to our spectacular audio visual extravaganza.

Our quizzes contain eight rounds of ten questions, with categories as diverse as they are stimulating. From Geography to Sport, Music to TV & Cinema, Literature & the Arts, Historical Events, Science or any category you desire - we have what it takes to test you out!

Competing team's answers are always written, to ensure that nobody is put on the spot or required to do any public speaking (although we encourage any light-hearted interaction).

Our quizzes are not 'Mastermind' based; they are for everyday people and cover interesting topics including popular culture. The majority of our clients are businesses who seek to provide their staff and/or clients with a hassle-free, fun yet competitive night of entertainment.

It’s perfect for your company conference entertainment schedule, your local school fundraiser or sports club. We take the hassle out of organising the event by supplying everything required to run the quiz.

At InnQUIZitive we like to cater to your individual needs, whether that means bringing our quiz on-site to your business or at a pub or function centre of your choice... we'll take care of everything!

By the way, 11 months have 30 days, only February doesn't.

I bet you were reciting that well known rhyme weren't you?

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